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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 1 - welcome, projects, sketches  

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Lesson 1 Tasks

  1. Open up Squeak Etoys
  2. Show the Etoys welcome screen.
  3. The car is an Etoys sketch.
  4. An Etoys script tells a sketch what to do.
  5. Etoys is all about making sketches and scripting them.
  6. A project is a kind of box where you put your work.
  7. Click "Make a project" to start a new project.
  8. Give a name to your project.
  9. The area at the top is called the toolbar.
  10. Click the paint icon in the toolbar to start a sketch.
  11. The rectangle where you can draw is called the paint canvas.
  12. To draw, click the mouse pointer, hold it, and move the mouse.
  13. The box to the right of the paint canvas is the paint toolbox.
  14. Use the eraser tool to erase parts of your sketch.
  15. Click the clear button to erase everything on the canvas.
  16. Use the color palette to change the color.
  17. Use the bucket tool to fill in enclosed areas with a color.
  18. Click the keep button to keep your sketch and exit canvas.
  19. Move your sketch by dragging it with the mouse pointer.
  20. Click the undo button to remove the last thing you did.
  21. Paint pours out of an area if it's not closed.
  22. Choosing previous colors from the paint toolbox.
  23. It's good to make many little ones, so you can play with them.
  24. Click the quit icon in the toolbar to end, which saves your work.
  25. Open your project by clicking the journal icon and the project's restore icon.

Starfish Challenge

Draw something that contains other things, such as a pond or fish tank, then draw five sketches to put inside it, such as fish or plants. Some sketches should overlap.