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  Lesson 2 - project rename, shapes, brush size  

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Lesson 2 Tasks

  1. Start by opening the previous lesson's project.
  2. Use the keep icon in the toolbar to save a copy of your project.
  3. Change the name of project before making new changes.
  4. Whatever sketch you move last goes in front of other sketches.
  5. Use the shapes drawer in the paint toolbar to draw various shapes.
  6. To draw a circle, click the desired center point, then drag out the circle.
  7. To draw a rectangle, click the upper-left corner then drag out the rectangle.
  8. To draw a line, click the first point of the line, then drag to the other point.
  9. Click one of the six brush size circles to change the size of your paint brush.
  10. Areas within a sketch that are not painted will show other sketches behind it.

Starfish Challenge

Draw a sketch with windows, such as a house or train or automobile, and draw
three other sketches that show through the windows, as though they were inside.