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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 4 - making a script using the viewer  

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Lesson 4 Tasks

  1. Rename a sketch by clicking its name in the halo.
  2. Open a sketch's viewer by clicking the eyeball handle.
  3. Tiles are the building blocks of a script.
  4. Tiles with exclamation points are commands.
  5. Clicking the exclamation point means "Do this command once."
  6. The forward by command tile moves a sketch forward.
  7. The turn by command tile rotates a sketch.
  8. Drag the pink arrow in the halo to change a sketch's direction.
  9. To make a script, drag a tile to a blank area of the screen.
  10. Clicking a script's clock means "Do this over and over again."
  11. Click the clock again to pause the script.
  12. Change a tile's number by clicking it and typing a number.
  13. Close a viewer by clicking it's circle in the upper-left corner.

Starfish Challenge

Create four sketches with "forward by" scripts. Vary their speed by using different
numbers next to "forward by". Put them on the left side of the screen and race them
to the right by clicking each script's clock.