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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 6 - using the pen, bouncing sketches  

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Lesson 6 Tasks

  1. Travelling sketches will sometimes hug the sides of the screen for a bit.
  2. Click green arrows in the viewer to choose different categories.
  3. The bounce tile causes a sketch to bounce off the screen edges.
  4. Choose a sound in the bounce tile to play that sound for every bounce.
  5. The pen draws a trail behind a sketch as it moves.
  6. To turn on the pen, choose true next to the pen down tile.
  7. Click viewer flap to hide and show a sketch's open viewer.
  8. You can change a script's numbers while the clock is ticking.
  9. Click the exclamation next to clear pen trails to clear the screen.
  10. Experiment with different numbers to make different patterns.

Starfish Challenge

Write a script that draws a square. Write another that draws a triangle.
Write a third that draws a circle.