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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 3 - halo and handles  

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Lesson 3 Tasks

  1. The halo is like a toolbar that surrounds a sketch.
  2. Open a sketch's halo by clicking on it with the right mouse button.
  3. The individual circles on the halo are called handles.
  4. Drag the resize handle to change the size of a sketch.
  5. Click the duplicate handle to make a copy of the sketch.
  6. Click the delete handle to move a sketch to the trash.
  7. Drag the rotate handle to rotate a sketch around.
  8. Click the repaint handle to open the canvas again on a sketch.
  9. It's very useful to draw sketches big, then resize them smaller.
  10. If one sketch hides other sketches, move everything away, then back.

Starfish Challenge

Make a sky with at least ten clouds or stars,
with some copied, some rotated, some resized.