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  Lesson 7 - supply bin, shapes objects, text  

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Lesson 7 Tasks

  1. Open and close the supply bin by clicking its icon in the toolbar.
  2. Drag shapes from the supply bin, such as the rectangle, circle, and star.
  3. Shapes and sketches are different types of objects in Etoys.
  4. Shapes have an eyedropper handle which lets you change their color.
  5. To add words, drag text from the supply bin and drop it.
  6. Click once on the text to show the cursor, which is the typing spot in the text.
  7. Press the backspace key to erase letters to the left of the cursor.
  8. Double-click the mouse button to select text, which makes it green.
  9. When text is selected, it will be replaced when you start typing.
  10. Text behaves differently when you click than sketches and shapes.
  11. Use the pick up handle to move text.
  12. Click the change font handle to change the way the letters look.
  13. Choose a font and point size by picking from the font list.
  14. Use the resize handle to change the shape of the text box.

Starfish Challenge

Make three store signs using the three shapes and put text on them such as "Sale!" and "Tomatos". Make the shapes and text have different colors.