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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 8 - making a book, adding pages  

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Lesson 8 Tasks

  1. The book lets you create a story with many pages.
  2. Get a book by dragging it from the supply bin.
  3. The background that contains everything in Etoys is called the world.
  4. An object can either be within a book or outside the book.
  5. To test whether something is in the book, try moving the book.
  6. The book will crop things that extend beyond its borders.
  7. The book has a navigation bar at the top with buttons.
  8. Its easy to right-click on the wrong thing and get the wrong halo.
  9. To double check which halo you have, look at the name on the bottom.
  10. Leave extra space around the book so you have drop areas for later.

Starfish Challenge

Make a book and create three drawings of people or animals looking
into a window. Arrange the sketches so they're on the edges of the
book, with part of each sketch cropped. It should look like they're
looking into a window from the outside.