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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 9 - adding content to pages  

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Lesson 9 Tasks

  1. To go to other pages, use the left and right arrows in the top center of the book.
  2. The numbers to the right of the arrows tell you "current page / number of pages".
  3. To add more controls, click the left pointing arrow on the top-left of the book.
  4. To learn what something does, hold the pointer over it to see its balloon help.
  5. Add a page to the book by clicking the plus sign button.
  6. To remove a page, click the minus sign button.
  7. The double-arrows go to the first page and last page.
  8. To prevent accidental deletion, click fewer controls after adding a page.
  9. Move things from page to page by first putting them outside the book.

Starfish Challenge

Make a "flip book" by creating several pages with the same drawing in the center,
but change each drawing a little bit so that when you click "next", "next", "next"
you see it change and move, just like an old time nickelodeon.