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  Lesson 10 - naming sketches, starting scripts  

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Lesson 10 Tasks

  1. When you duplicate a sketch, it gets a different name.
  2. Scripts work for particular sketches with particular names.
  3. You can clear pen trails with any sketch, not just the sketch that drew them.
  4. Give sketches names indicating the page, such as "Seymour P3"
  5. It's hard to open a sketch's halo while the sketch is moving.
  6. Use the icon on the right or stop the clock to get a moving sketch's viewer.
  7. You can start and stop scripts from the viewer, next to the script's name.
  8. Use the all scripts panel to start, step, or stop all of your scripts on a page.

Starfish Challenge

Make a swimming pool with three swimming lanes. Draw three swimmer and put them
on the left side. Write scripts that make the swimmers go to the right and then
bounce back when the reach the right side. Line up all the swimmers and click
"Go" on the All Scripts to start all racers at the same time.