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  Lesson 11 - naming scripts, startOver scripts  

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Lesson 11 Tasks

  1. To open up an existing script, drag it from viewer.
  2. Give each script a names that tells you what it does.
  3. Use capitals in script to show the start of a new word.
  4. Start a script by dragging out empty script from the viewer.
  5. To start things in a clean, fresh state use startOver scripts.
  6. Always add pause script from "scripting" at end of each startOver script.
  7. Create a world startOver script in the world's viewer.
  8. Add start script from "scripting" to start each startOver script.
  9. Choose button to fire this script from world's startOver script menu.
  10. To start your book over, go to the first page, click "go" and "world startOver".

Starfish Challenge

Create three different scripts for a sketch that make the sketch draw different
shapes with the pen. Write another script that "calls" these three other scripts,
one after the other. Stop all scripts, clear the pen trails, and run the last
script to call the three drawing scripts.