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  Lesson 14 - animation & holders  

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Lesson 14 Tasks

  1. Animation is about making pictures move, like a cartoon.
  2. Use the holder from the supply bin to hold animation frames.
  3. Drag a copy of a sketch to the holder, then another copy of that copy.
  4. Repaint the second frame to make it a little bit different.
  5. While the canvas is open you can see the first drawing but not change it.
  6. For your animate script, you first need the *look like" in "graphics".
  7. Next drag the holder's player at cursor from "collections" on top of "dot".
  8. The holder's cursor is the black box, which indicates the current frame.
  9. Drag the holder's cursor variable by the white arrow to the animate script.
  10. Click the left arrow in the cursor tile and choose increase by.
  11. Hold the mouse on the clock to change the tick rate, like a metronome.
  12. Hide the holder by clicking hide in the holder's "miscellaneous" category.

Starfish Challenge

Create three sketches that animate by using three different holders.
Make one a curvy line that squiggles, make another a circle that
gets smaller, make the last a face that smiles then frowns.
At least one of them should use three frames, each different.