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  Lesson 16 - using tests; the "overlaps" test  

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Lesson 16 Tasks

  1. It's a good thing to check your startOver scripts often.
  2. Uses the beige Test Yes No tile to add tests to your scripts.
  3. A test has three parts ... the test condition, the yes-part and the no-part.
  4. If the test is true, do the yes-part, otherwise do the no-part.
  5. Use the overlaps test to determine if one sketch is on top of another sketch.
  6. Whenever you see dot, you need to replace it with another name tile.
  7. Get a name time by choosing the tile handle in an object's halo.
  8. Play recorded sounds by using the make a sound command tile.
  9. Choose the sound by clicking the sound name and picking from the list.

Starfish Challenge

Make a script that moves an object around the screren, making at least three
different sound wheneverr the sketch is over three other sketch. For example,
make a girl sketch who likes and dislikes different foods. She can chomp a
food she likes, or sound the horn on a food she hates, and laugh over a food
she would never eat.