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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 20 - the players list  

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Lesson 20 Tasks

  1. Use the players list to find objects that have been hidden.
  2. A "player" is anything you can add a script to, such as a sketch or holder.
  3. Naming things well really pays off when using the players list.
  4. Click an eyeball in the player list to open a player's viewer.
  5. Click the icon in the player list to highlight where a player is located.
  6. You can even find things on different pages.
  7. You can put a test for object interaction in either object.
  8. If many objects test for one object, put the script in the "many" object.
  9. It's up to you whether to make a new startOver script or not.
  10. In general, if there's more than a few tiles, make a new startOver script.
  11. Clocks can be in one of three states: normal, ticking, and paused
  12. For the "All Scripts" panel to work, each clock needs to be ticking or paused.

Starfish Challenge

Make a sketch that roams around bumping into three other sketches, with
each sketch making a different sound when they hit. Put the test scripts
in the non-moving sketches, and make at least three copies of each
non-moving sketch. This means there should be one moving sketch and
at least nine non-moving sketchs.