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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 22 - flipping sketches; relational tests  

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Lesson 22 Tasks

  1. Hold the shift key while resizing to keep a sketch in proportion.
  2. Heading 90 points right; heading 0 points up; heading -90 points left.
  3. To flip a sketch, set the rotation style to "flip left right" and heading to -90.
  4. If the viewer doesn't fit, click its flap twice to open and close it.
  5. To test a variable, drag the variable by its name to the Test slot.
  6. The less than sign means "if this variable is less than".
  7. Click the "less than" to choose "greater than" or other relational operators.
  8. With a relational test, it's useful to add a "pause script".

Starfish Challenge

Make a sketch that makes a sound whenever it approaches one of the four corners
of the screen. This will require several relational tests.