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Courseware Screencast

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  Lesson 23 - sound recorder  

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Lesson 23 Tasks

  1. To create a watcher, drag a variable to the Etoys desktop.
  2. Drag the sound recorder from the supply bin to make your own sounds.
  3. Click "Record" to record a sound and "Stop" to finish recording.
  4. Click "Play" to test the sound and "Save" to create a tile for the sound.
  5. Drop the sound tile next to "make sound" to add it to your scripts.
  6. When you switch pages and text does not disappear, it's not in the page.
  7. You can embed text or sketches using embed on its halo menu.
  8. If things go behind your book, click "send to back" on the book's halo menu.
  9. The red item in the embed list shows you where something is embedded.
  10. To create a narration for a page, record it and add make sound to startOver.
  11. Scripts only run when you're on the page their sketches are on.

Starfish Challenge

Make three sketches representing different kinds of fruit, then create
a sketch of an animal, along with a script that allows you to move it
with the joystick. When the animal touches each fruit, it should
make a sound with the type of fruit it's over, such as "apple", etc.