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  Lesson 24 - advanced startOver  

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Lesson 24 Tasks

  1. You want to put tiles and scripts where they make the most sense.
  2. Better to have the world startOver script start the page startOver scripts.
  3. To open a page's viewer, right click twice on the book (look for "page").
  4. You can start a script by choosing add a new script in the viewer menu.
  5. When you record a sound, it gets put in the "make sound" list.
  6. You can see all of your scripts by opening the "all scripts" panel.
  7. To open a script from "all scripts", choose "open this script's Scriptor".
  8. When a sketch doesn't have its own startOver, use the page's startOver.

Starfish Challenge

Name all of the page's in your storybook the same way, and create startOver
scripts for each page. Call each of these from the world startOver script.
Start all of your sketch startOver scripts from the page startOver scripts.