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  Lesson 25 - obtrudes test; random movement  

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Lesson 25 Tasks

  1. When scripting many copies, get one working first, then copy.
  2. Use the obtrudes test to see if a sketch has gone outside the page.
  3. To make a sketch reappear from another place, change it's x and y.
  4. In the script box, the yellow circle with a box is the palette.
  5. Use the random tile to create a random number from 1 to the given number.
  6. To pick a random x or y, find the range of values and put that in "random".
  7. Add a "plus term" after random to put the minimum value, such as 30.
  8. The expression "random( 100 ) + 20" picks a number from 21 to 120.
  9. Hold the shift key when clicking the duplicate handle to make a sibling.
  10. Use the expanded "all scripts" to change many tick rates at once.

Starfish Challenge

Make a sketch of a cloud, then have it move across the page as
though it were floating in the sky. Have the cloud reappear on
the other side. Make a copy (not sibling) and have the
clouds move at different speeds and in different directions.