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  Lesson 26 - siblings; is under mouse test  

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Lesson 26 Tasks

  1. A sibling is a copy that shares its scripts with other siblings.
  2. When you change a sibling's script, it changes it for all siblings.
  3. You can also get a test block from the script box palette.
  4. Use the is under mouse test to see if the mouse pointer is touching.
  5. All sibling's share the same startOver script (as with all scripts).
  6. Use start all to tell all sibling's to start a script.
  7. When sketches appear stuck in a loop, you probably forgot a "pause script".
  8. Even hidden sketches can trigger "mouse over" tests. Pause the script.

Starfish Challenge

Create a horse sketch and write a script that makes it run across the page.
Create several siblings from it, then add a random tile to the forward tile
to make each sibling run at a different speed. Make a page startOver script
that moves all the horses to the left side of the screen with random y's.
Include a "start all" to start each horse, then click "startOver" to run
a race. Try running several races. A different horse should win each time.