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  Lesson 27 - following a path  

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Lesson 27 Tasks

  1. To make a winding path, draw half, copy it, flip it, and join them.
  2. Hold the shift key when rotating to help rotate to right angles.
  3. When you choose a script name that already exists, it adds a 1 at the end.
  4. For a sketch to follow a road, first put one color above it and one color below.
  5. Then write a script that turns down when your sensor color hits the top color.
  6. Finish with a test that turns up when your sensor color hits the bottom color.
  7. When "rotation style" is not set to "rotate", turn-by doesn't turn as usual.
  8. Use the "overlaps any" test to see if the sketch is touching any sibling.
  9. If you use "stop script", it will put a script's clock into the "normal" state.

Starfish Challenge

Make a racetrack with several differently colored lane circles. Make a horse
or car for each lane, and make scripts that cause them to race around the track.
Make a page startOver script that starts them all at the same point so that
when you click world startOver, they all race each other.