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  Lesson 29 - image import; turn towards  

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Lesson 29 Tasks

  1. When you see code that looks the same, put it in its own script.
  2. Replace the removed tiles with a single call to the new script.
  3. A benefit to code reuse is that you one place to make changes.
  4. You can import existing images by dragging them to Etoys.
  5. You script imported images just like any sketch.
  6. It's good to use PNG or GIF images as they can have transparent parts.
  7. You can trace over imported images by opening the paint canvas over them.
  8. Use the turn toward tile to make one sketch face another sketch.
  9. To move a sketch randomly, use the random tile to set both the x and y.

Starfish Challenge

Take a photo of something in the world, then import it into Etoys.
Trace the photo as a sketch and erase the original photo. Make both
sketches move at different rates, though have one chase the other.