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  Lesson 30 - script parameters; object catalog  

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Lesson 30 Tasks

  1. Switch from one image to another by setting the cursor explicitly.
  2. Use parameters to replace similar code that differs only by numbers.
  3. To add a parameter, choose "add parameter" from the script menu.
  4. The script tile in the viewer now has a colon and a number after it.
  5. Drag the "Number" tile in the script to the number you want to change.
  6. The number after the colon in each tile will replace "Number" in the script.
  7. The object catalog contains many objects you can use in Etoys
  8. The next page button behaves identically to the right arrow in the book.
  9. Click the question mark in the toolbar to explore the help system.
  10. Let us know your experiences by clicking "contact" at waveplace.com.
  11. Have fun Squeaking!

Starfish Challenge

Make three sibling sketches that move around the screen at
varying speeds, as indicated by their "speed" variable.
Create a "changeSpeed" script that uses a parameter to
change the "speed" variable. Create another script that
changes the speed to a random value whenever the mouse
pointer touches the sketch. You should use the changeSpeed
script to change the speed. Don't change it directly.