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Donate to Waveplace

Waveplace Foundation is funded by private donations, from people like you. We provide all laptops, materials, and training free to the Caribbean.

$25 - Pilot for One Child
  Our lowest donation allows us to teach one child for one week. Your money will help open a door that could transform the life of a child.
$50 - One Workshop Kit
  Donating at this level will purchase one workshop kit for a teacher or mentor, consisting of a textbook and DVD set.
$100 - One Day of Rent
  Donate a day of workshop rent, so we can train a full room of teachers, mentors, or students.
$250 - One Laptop
  Donate this amount to purchase one laptop for a child, teacher, or mentor. Every dollar will be used to pay OLPC, which will ship the laptop directly.
$500 - Laptop and Training
  Donations of this size will give one child both a laptop and the full training that goes with it.
$750 - Teacher Training
  This donation will pay for three teachers to take a week-long Waveplace workshop, so they then bring the magic back to their school and students.
$1,000 - Mentor Training
  Mentors are the Johnny Appleseeds of digital media, spreading goodness to other mentors, teachers, and kids. Donate this to train one.
Donations made now will almost certainly be tax-deductible,
though our official 501(c)3 status is still pending.

If our status is a concern, you can donate directly to one of our partner organizations, which do have 501(c)3 tax-deductible status.

If so, please contact us and we'll arrange it.

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