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Waveplace Mentors

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May 23rd – June 3rd 2011 and beyond

Learn to use and teach the One Laptop per Child XO laptop (laptop.org) and Squeak Etoys (squeakland.org) -then- Explore opportunities to travel the Caribbean and the world to help develop laptop programs with Waveplace

Contact: Beth Santos, Outreach Coordinator, 610-797-3100 x44, Contact

Interested in international development, community informatics or education? Ever heard of the “$100 laptop”? Still haven't found the right thing to do this summer? Come join a revolution in the making.

Waveplace is an organization that works to promote deep understanding, creative problem solving, and digital media skills among children in the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. We primarily use the ultra-durable, energy-efficient laptop computers created by One Laptop per Child (OLPC) to teach mentors a programming software called Etoys, which can be used as a supplement in or outside of the classroom. By training local mentors that in turn teach students, Waveplace hopes to nurture the creativity, initiative, and responsibility of children from a young age so that they can strengthen their problem-solving skills and, in adulthood, apply them to improve their country and their world.

From May 23 – June 3rd, Waveplace will be conducting a mentor training workshop at Maho Bay Camps, St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Concurrent with the workshop will be the annual Realness Summit, an opportunity for members of OLPC and OLPC-related deployments around the world to discuss successes and challenges and brainstorm solutions together. Both local and international mentors will be trained in Etoys, as well as pedagogical strategies recommended by Waveplace. Come participate in our mentor training and get the skills that will allow you to travel with Waveplace and help develop laptop programs in countries such as Haiti, Nicaragua, and São Tomé e Príncipe.

Intern Duties: Attend morning and afternoon sessions (where mentors and children will be trained) as well as special evening breakdown sessions for interns (to build skills required for a coordinating or “super mentor” position with Waveplace). Blogging and program development as necessary.

Intern Requirements: An interest in technology, education and/or international development; a self-starting and flexible attitude that is comfortable with change, both in terms of planning/organization and culture/travel. Particular preference given to those who are proficient in Haitian Creole, Spanish, or French.

Cost: Transportation and food must be paid independently. Lodging will cost approximately $500 for the ten day workshop. Admission to the Realness Summit is free for interns ($100 value). Interns will also receive various educational materials provided by Waveplace and the OLPC community. The internship is currently unpaid, with potential paid opportunities in the future.

To apply: Send a brief cover letter and resume to Beth Santos, Outreach Coordinator, Contact

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