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Touchscreen Interface

Tidepool has an engaging multi-touch interface, with swipes and twists and pinches a'plenty.

Shared Sandbox

Tidepool users create content in a shared virtual space that all can browse and change with ease.


Absolutely everything is remembered, letting you rewind and replay every step, change, and turn.

Natural Language

Commands, queries, and scripts are written in human language, alongside blocks and tiles.

Cognitive Agents

All activity in Tidepool comes from software agents that can learn and adapt to changing contexts.

Semantic Web

All your content is available using Semantic Web open standards, so you're not trapped in one program.

Micro Transactions

You can require small donations for your content to help fund your educational projects.

Platform Independence

Tidepool runs on Android, iOS, HTML 5, and Java platforms, such as Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

... coming in 2014 to a device near you.

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