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Waveplace Partners

Waveplace is very fortunate to be affiliated with our partner organizations. We'd literally be nowhere without them!

Viewpoints Research Institute

Since 2001, Viewpoints Research Institute, a nonprofit public benefit organization, has been improving "powerful ideas education" for the world's children and advancing the state of systems research and personal computing. Many of their themes co-evolved with the inventions of networked personal computers, graphical user interfaces, and dynamic object-oriented programming.

St John School of the Arts

Since 1971, St. John School of the Arts, a non-profit community art school, has offered children and adults in the Virgin Islands community the opportunity to receive the highest quality of instruction in arts education, encompassing dance, music and art.

Mercy & Sharing Foundation

Mercy & Sharing Foundation is a non-profit organization that impacts the lives of the children of Haiti, to save them from certain death and to give them hope for the future. M&S aims to give the forgotten children of Haiti a chance to thrive and become the saviours of their own country. Their goal is to empower them with education and love so they can pass it on.

Campo Alegria

Campo Alegria is a year around non-profit camp dedicated to meeting the needs of under-privileged children in Nicaragua. Our goal is to motivate and encourage the next generation of Nicaraguans through furthering their education while combining it with fun and positive relationships. Campo Alegría offers programs such as science, geography, ecology, computer training and english via microscopes, telescopes, interactive satellite imagery and trained ESL instructors. Other programs include swimming, baseball, soccer, music, and other skill developmental techniques using problem solving games and art.

One by One Leadership Foundation

One by One Leadership Foundation of Southwest Florida is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2005. One by One is a member organization of the Leadership Foundations of America with a mission of Connecting Leaders, Changing Lives and Transforming Communities. Current local program efforts have a focus on Immokalee, Florida, and include medical missions, prisoner reentry services, youth services and infill housing. Last year One by One provided the leadership to establish a new not-for-profit organization, IHOPE, to address hurricane recovery efforts.

Immuexa Corporation

Immuexa is a company of talented software and website developers who are happy to have finally come in from the cold of corporate sweatshops and dysfunctional dot-coms.

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